On Relations with One’s Neighbors, Part 1

                  Holy Ascension                    Orthodox Christian Church

West Chester, PA

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St. Nektarios, Bishop of Pentopolis the Wonderworker, (Vespers this Friday)

On Relations with One’s Neighbors, Part 1

from St. Ambrose Elder of Optina

  1. The Lord nowhere wishes to compel man against his will, but everywhere makes use of our good will; it is through their own will that people are either good or evil. Therefore it is in vain that we accuse those living with us and surrounding us of hindering and impeding, as it were, our salvation or our spiritual perfection.
  2. We receive profit from people only when we do not condemn them.
  3. You complain about people’s unfairness in relation to you. But if you are striving to reign with Christ the Lord, then have a look at Him, how He acted towards the enemies surrounding Him who were demanding His death. It appears that He never complained about how His enemies behaved unfairly towards Him but, in all the horrible afflictions brought upon Him by His enemies, He saw only the will of His Heavenly Father.
  4. You are upset that everyone is trying to humiliate you. If they are trying to humiliate you, that means they want to humble you; and you yourself are asking God for humility. Then why, after all this, do you let people upset?
  5. Instruction and edification for one’s own life should be taken more from the example of Christ the Savior than from the example of people, in whom it is not possible to find full perfection, due to human weakness. Therefore we should not be upset, under a seemingly good pretext, when certain people do not give us the edifying example that we would have liked.
  6. The Lord has the power to protect and defend those forcing themselves to live according to His holy commandments, if only they are not being careless in striving for mutual peace. Then the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace, and joy in life is found in mutual harmony, and every good success is achieved through peace according to God.

http://www.pravmir.com/on-relations-with-ones-neighbors/. Translated from Optinskii Tsvetnik: Izrecheniia prepodobnykh starttsev Optinskikh (Moscow: St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University, 2008), 221-228.

St. Herman Gradyville, only 20 min from Holy Ascension, is holding a “Holiday Festival” this Weekend !!!


Hundreds in Cleveland Attend an Assembly Forum Presentation and Q&A with Two of our Bishops: Sponsored by the Assembly of Bishops


Please find the very fine video presentation of the meeting below. If you are familiar with the work of the AoB, you can advance up to about the 22 minute mark to hear about the latest news of the September meeting.

Tell Congress to Reject Senate Bill 815 (ENDA) Employee Non-Discrimination Act which Turns Loosely-Defined “Gender Identity” Into Protected Status


Your Continued Prayers . . .

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THURS: 5:00pm – Great Vespers for the Holy Archangels

FRI: 6:30pm – Great Vespers for St. Nektarios

SAT: 5:00pm – Great Vespers, Confessions follow

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“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord”

                  Holy Ascension                    Orthodox Christian Church

West Chester, PA

Parish website:  holyascension.net

Wonderworker and Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian of Asia Minor

“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord  (Psalm 117:17).”


Who can say: I shall not die? He who cleaves to the Living Lord. Who can confirm with confidence: but [I shall] live? He who sees the Living Lord before him. Enoch and Elias did not die, but were taken into eternal life. The Lord took them in His mercy, and as proof to mankind of immortal life. Jesus Christ the Lord died and resurrected in accordance with His power, and as proof to mankind of the resurrection from the dead. The apostles and saints were slain, but many of them appeared from the other world in their love for mankind, and as proof to mankind of eternal life. Thus, those who were taken up to heaven in the flesh and those whose bodies reposed, live with the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ in the Immortal Kingdom. I shall not die, but live, said King David with great certainty, even though he lived on earth before the Resurrection of the Lord, and before the announcement of the General Resurrection of the righteous. With still more certainty, each of us Christians must speak this too: I shall not die, but live, for the resurrected Lord is the foundation of our Faith, and our eyes have seen and our ears have heard more-much more-than the eyes and ears of King David. After the Cross of Christ, the devil became as smoke; and after His Resurrection, death became like a mere fog through which one passes to the sunlit field of immortality. Blessed is he, brethren, who becomes worthy to live, and declare the works of the Lord.

St. Nikolai Velimirovich, The Prologue of Ohrid, October 31.

Your Continued Prayers


Please continue to pray for these two kidnapped bishops, our Met. Paul, and Archbp. John, as there are increasing reports of them being held alive.

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SAT: 8:30am Orthros  /  9:30am Divine Liturgy for St. Raphael, followed by Chili Cookoff  /  5:00pm – Great Vespers, Confessions follow


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